Chicago West loop air conditioning repair contractor

Chicago West loop air conditioning repair contractor watches the weather patterns. The weather is getting crazier by the minute. Just saw on the news that another hot weather blast is headed our way.

The storm produced 6 inches of hail. They said it looked like a being in the middle of a blizzard. It also was cold and icy. It’s June! This is some real wild weather. Maybe we could actually have Christmas in July. That would be really weird. Instead of talking about central air conditioning maybe we should be talking about furnaces and wearing your long underwear. In Illinois we are below normal in the temperature.

Hey, if this keeps up the Maytag Guy won’t be the loneliest guy in town (as I’m pointing to myself). All kidding aside the weather is getting warmer and the hot summer days and nights will soon be here. The time to start thinking about scheduling a A/C tune up. You want that central air conditioning running at high efficiency, to ensure your comfort. We are offering great Summer Specials at terrific prices. Ask about our humidifiers and air cleaners.  We  also have programmable thermostats.

They really do make you breathe easier. We have great deals on A/C installations and also on A/C furnace combos. Leave your HVAC worries to us, so you can enjoy life. We have 24 hr. emergency service. We offer discounts Police officers, firefighters, military personal and senior citizens. We accept checks, credit cards and cash. Call Today for your free estimate 312-243-9896

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