Chicago Unico System – Small Duct Central Air Conditioning

Unico System DiagramCentral Air Conditioning is an excellent amenity in any home. It provides comfort year round, is easy to control, and is convenient. Although traditional AC duct systems can’t be installed in every building, the Unico System can.

Utilizing small ducts, the Unico System can be installed without compromising design or architectural integrity. With the unico system, little to no remodeling is necessary. If the thought of installing Central Air Conditioning Systems was intimidating before, Around the Town Heating & Cooling make it easy with the Unico System!

Gone are the days of noisy window AC units! The high velocity stream of air cooling your home is completely silent. Also, Unico Systems eliminate drafts and reduce up to 30% humidity. Now your home can be cool and free from the humid summer weather.

With any home, design and appearance is always crucial.  With the Unico System, outlets are designed in a array of styles and colors, guaranteed to fit any home’s style.

Are you ready to experience superior indoor comfort? Call Around the Town Heating & Cooling for a FREE estimate on new installations!

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