Chicago Spacepak Air Conditioning Systems


Spacepak Air Systems are the next level in comfort. Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, Spacepak systems take advantage of small ducts. Whereas installing a traditional central air conditioning system would require major remodeling, Spacepak can be installed with minimal construction.

No matter the home style, age, or architecture, the Spacepak system will fit!

Have you been more environmentally conscious lately? Spacepak systems uses less energy, which saves you money and also benefits the environment. The removal of 30% more humidity is another benefit of Spacepak. The small ducts and specialize coils remove drafts and constantly circulate air throughout your home.

Most importantly, your home will be cooler than ever! Spacepak systems are built to last. For all your installation and maintenance needs, Around the Town Heating & Cooling will get the job done! Call (708-560-5410) or contact us today for a free estimate on new installations.

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