Chicago Furnace Tune-Ups

Fall is approaching, a few cool evenings have arrived, and this is a good indicator that heating season is near. Your boiler’s or furnace’s thermostat selector switch will be moving from cool to heat.

Furnace filters should be checked, and boiler pumps need oiling. Pre-heating season specials will be appearing in the newspapers and on TV as well as in the mail via flyer’s and post cards. Please do yourself a favor and read the specials especially for the heating tune-ups. We hvac guys put those specials out there so that you may benefit from those specials as well as saving you those costly repairs due to lack of maintenance.

You may say to yourself that I just had my A/C tune-up in the beginning of summer, do I really need to have my system checked again? Yes, you certainly should! During a/c tune-ups, we check the proper operation of your a/c system. We do inspect other components of your heating system if its in conjunction with the a/c. However, we do not test the furnace during a/c system check ups. The a/c season lasts about 4 months whereas heating season last 7 months. That is why tuning your heating system is so important.

Manufacturers suggest that you have your heating systems checked yearly, and we agree. Getting your heating system checked yearly doesn’t mean you will never have a heating system failure, however the odds are much less. While we are tuning up your heating system, our technicians check all the major and most commonly known parts that fail and make sure that are working properly.

Fall is near so think heat, and prepare yourself for winter. Call Around The Town to schedule your furnace tune-up today!