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Chicago HVAC.  Today’s HVAC systems are more sophisticated now then of old.  Consequently, most of the problems with your system will require a service technician with the new state of the art diagnostics training.

Nate, (North American Training Excellence) aids in the higher learning of new and old hvac systems to our service technicians and installers. Chicago Hvac, Air conditioning,  Boilers, Electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, furnaces, thermostats and uv lights company can preserve the efficiency of your hvac system in Chicago by performing basic tune ups and maintenance.  Maintenance agreements are readily available to you just by calling 312-243-9896.

On to a new subject, lets talk about the ratings of a company, and who governs if the company is reputable or not?

Chicago hvac market is a tough market to compete in, prices are either to high or to low and the consumer thinks their getting jacked. Or your not a big enough company, or your not a member of the BBB or as we call it Bad business bureau, boy some of the companies listed with the BBB with a five star rating have changed their name of their business 5,6,7? times or have been sued many times in court and still have a five star rating, go figure”. The BBB has contacted our company on many occasions asking us to be a member. Just give them some money every year and you too can have a five star rating, they have us listed as a B-company because they have insufficient information to determine how long we been operating, and do not have sufficient background information on this business. My thought is: if the BBB can’t find us in Illinois then how does that go to the creditability of their establishment?

Here’s another establishment that has my crawl, Angie’s list. They to, will allow Around The Town Heating and Cooling to place an ad with them for about $500.00 a month, this will buy us a rep.  Seems to me that money can buy any company a reputation. Homes owners can also pay Angie’s list about $60.oo or so a year to find a reputable company, “come on consumers wake up” Again money in the skilled trade sector puts you on top.

Today 2010, the consumer with the free aid of the internet can find any information about any type of company they wish too. Save your money consumers towards your repair or installation of your hvac system in and around the Chicago land area and stop giving it to these rating companies. Go with the information you find and then go with your gut. Call 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410.

Big Ed

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