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Chicago hvac contractor speaks out about fair pricing on installations of air conditioning systems and furnace as well as boilers.

Recently we installed an air conditioning system 852 n. Damen ave. What surprises me was our price offer to our new customer was $2850.00, another HVAC contractor comparing apples to apples price was $3600.00 not unreasonable; however the next two quotes I seen from our new customers was shocking. One of the two contractors quote was higher than it should have been at $ 6200.00. A bit high, it was the last quote which was shockingly high even to me especially when I thought I’ve seen and heard it all.

The fourth and final quote for the same exact equipment was $ 9600.00 and our customer said she was almost ready to sign because the slick talking salesmen had her believing that all the other HVAC contractors prior to him were scam artist and fly by nights and that he was giving her the best deal.

After her dealings with the last contractor she said she immediately called me Big Ed of Around The Town Heating and Cooling and scheduled the appointment for the following Saturday the 14 of August. We did the work without a hitch and they are comfortable in their 70 degree home, by the way they went the entire week of the fourteenth without a/c. (talk about salesmen and how they prey on the weary)?

My point is that how much is enough? you have the illegal’s installing furnace, boilers and air conditioning system for a few hundred dollars over the cost of equipment and then you have those slick tongued sales guys trying to get as much as they can on every sale.

We are not bashing any HVAC Contractor Chicago in particular, We are just saying consumer beware”. We have pricing on items that are higher than average but our success rate is greater and our motto is “whatever it takes” are service and repair rates are a little higher than they should be but our call back rates are less than 1/2 % per year, Yes I’m tooting my horn about that!

Around The Town Heating and Cooling has no sales teams, we do not send our people to schools to manipulate a sale, we mean what we say. Our sales approach is as simple as these few question,  what are looking for from your new hvac system? Or what would you like? If you’re not sure let’s talk a spell about your plans, for instance; are you planning on staying at your current dwelling for a long time? Do you have any future plans of renovating? What does your budget allow? Now that question is not a trick question, we really mean to get you fitted with the right air conditioner, boiler or furnace within your means. *Never allow any sales person to push you into a sale that will put you in deep debt for a comfort heating or cooling system.

One thing I may add is, we never play the how low can you go game, anotherwards don’t say to our guys we can get it cheaper elsewhere, if that is or was the case why would you be wasting our time? Our prices are “a fair days install for a fair days wage!

The best brand of air conditioners, boilers, and furnaces are the ones that are installed correctly.

Call Big Ed and crew today for any assistance for your hvac needs today at 312-243-9896

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