Chicago heatwave and air conditioning tips

Chicago heatwave and air conditioning tips

Comfort tips for these hot days.      

Tips for keeping your a/c working through this next few days of extreme heat.

  1. For your health, drink plenty of fluids, never guzzle ice cold soft drinks or water.
  2. Wear protective head wear to keep the blaring sun off of your head.
  3. If you feel dizzy from the heat get to a cool location and seek medical treatment or ask a stranger for help, by all means don’t be pig headed and say I’ll be all right.
  4. In your home or business, its no problem if you remove your furnace filter for a day so your blower motor and evaporator coil gets proper air flow for humidity control and proper cooling.
  5. Keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature setting like 75 degrees so that if your going in and out of your home or place of business your body does not get shocked.
  6.  By all means if your a/c isn’t working pick up the phone anc call the comfort cooling guys of Around The Town heating and cooling at 312-243-9896 “Bringing comfort to you.”

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