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Heating contractor shows  how not using licensed and trained  contractors to perform service for you can cause this issue, in this video.

Air conditioning season will be gone soon. Chicago Heating season is upon us and boilers and furnaces will be in full swing shortly. 

Having the heating system in your home tuned up will help ensure that no carbon monoxide issues are present, Good Chicago Heating companies as ours will inspect all aspects of your heating system, if there is a part that may test as failing, we will inform you of this, whether you replace it at time of our service on your heating system is totally your call, at the very least you know about it and can plan for future replacement of that part.

Chicago Heating contractors should also make it clear that the age of the furnace sometimes don’t warrant repairs.
Let me explain; as you well know we live in a planned obsolescence society, that if its broke lets get a new one! The Heating manufactures ran with that ideology when engineering and building the heating systems. Back in the day furnaces and boilers lasted 30 plus years with barely any maintenance.

We still work on furnaces and boilers that exceed 50 years old and are safe and fully functional, you may ask is that wise? Sure because back in those days furnace manufactures were proud-full and weren’t as money hungry as they are today. Hell that applied to almost all manufacturing 50 years ago.

Chicago Heating will honestly inform you that today’s heating systems are all shit and with proper maintenance care and proper installation as we do, you may get 17 to 20 years out of your new heating system.

That sounds awful don’t it? But look’ how many cars or homes will you own in 17 to 20 years. And I assure you that your new furnace or boiler will not cost nearly what a new house, condo or automobile will cost you.

However I can assure you that without a properly maintained heating system whether it’s a boiler or a furnace, the cost of doing nothing can be death!

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