Chicago Garfield Ridge AC Contractor

Chicago Garfield Ridge AC Contractor has some great news for the firemen, policemen and all city workers. We have unbelievable pricing for  you.

Did you ever think you would hear anyone complaining about this mild weather, now you have! Bring on the hot, humid days of summer. Like when you fry an egg on the sidewalk. Those 90 degree plus days are my bread and butter. This how we air conditioning contractors think.

We all know that the average consumer spends money on the needs of now. Being pro active, Whats That?  Understandable, yes, but as I tell customers when your A/C is going bad, it`s going bad, and putting band aids on it by making a/c repairs in Chicago is futile. Sometimes trying to save money with a less expensive alternative, is not always the right thing to do and in the long run you are wasting more money by trying to save your old central air conditioner unit.

Chicago Garfield Ridge ac contractor has new high efficient central air conditioners that can keep you cool and save you money. Think about it and give us a call. We have 12 hour service and we also offer discounts to Police, Firemen, and military personal.

Think about those hot, sweltering days that soon will be here. Act now by calling Around The Town Heating and Cooling and schedule an appointment for your a/c tune up or for a free estimate for a new high efficient central air conditioning system. Call Today 312-243-9896

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