Chicago Furnace Tips

Tips on how to keep your furnace running and your home warm!

Another week of winter storms and subzero temperatures are here. What feels like the coldest winter in Chicago has no end in sight. At Around the Town HVAC we want you to stay warm. Were dedicated to making sure our customers stay comfortable though freezing cold and blistering hot. Here are a few Chicago Furnace Tips to help!

When temperatures drop below zero it’s actually best to keep your furnace at the same temperature setting, rather than turning it down to save money. Instead of running for several hours straight, the furnace will struggle less during frigid nights if the interior is already set a stable temperatures. This way, the unit only kicks on every so often to warm your home up.

Another tip we’ve mentioned before is to watch your furnace intake. Ensure your intake isn’t blocked by snow or covered in frost, this has a big impact on the effectiveness of your furnace.

Most importantly, have your furnace inspected and maintained in-between the coldest days. Make sure to have your furnace fixed before the cold sets in. This way, you minimize the time your home isn’t being heated!

For all your Chicago furnace repair needs, rely on Around the Town HVAC.

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