Chicago Furnace Repair

Winter is the season for furnace repair issues in Chicago. The inclement weather patterns cause furnaces go haywire when the furnace runs for a short period then shuts off for quit a spell due to the rising temperatures during the day.

With this sporadic furnace operation cycle, furnaces do tend to act a fool and cause nuisance break downs which require a furnace repair. Many furnace repairs in Chicago are just that, nuisance furnace repairs. In the evening furnaces run more than they do in the day, because of the lack of daylight.

How to avoid a nuisance furnace repair. First thing would be to have your furnace tuned up. Secondly make sure you check or change your furnace filter regularly. If you have a digital thermostat make sure you have fresh batteries. Keep the furnace area free of debris or household cleaning supplies, such as brooms, mops and so on. We have seen where the broom or mop fell and hit the furnace switch. This switch kills all power to furnace.

old_paint_cansKeep any paints and chemicals out of the furnace room if all possible. If you have no other place to store them by all means make sure they are sealed tightly and if you must wrap the stored chemicals in zip lock baggies. 
You may be curious as to why chemicals must be secured. Concerning the furnace, the vaporization of chemicals and paint gets drawn into the furnace causing flame sensor and ignitor issues. Furnace repair companies should inform you of this, as we always do.

You may be surprised as to how often these furnace breakdowns occur due to the chemical vaporization even after we inform new and existing customers of this.

If you want to keep furnace repair companies away from your doorstep do the basics as for mentioned.

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