Chicago Furnace Problems

Chicago furnace problems associated with the mild winter.

Chicago furnace problems and mild winters means you may not have had to run your heating system as much as expected. Unfortunately, this can lead to heating issues with your furnace because of the intermitted use. This is a normal occurence believe it or not. If you have your furnace/heating system maintained annually this intermittent occurrence becomes less likely and your furnace/heating system will function on a demand for heat.

Furnace Maintenance
Inspections need to be done at lease once or twice a year to ensure your furnace will lasts as long as possible.  the best times are when you first turn it on in the Fall and when warm weather comes.

chicago furnace problems
Do you think there is a problem with this furnace filter? UHG!

Filters should be changed every month or two depending on how dirty they are. A dirty or clogged furnace filter can restrict airflow, causing your home not to be heated as well as it could be. And besides heat exchanger failure can occur from a restricted furnace filter. You want to be sure you are getting as much heat out of your furnace as you can, because a large portion of your energy bill is from heating your home.

Pilot Light
The pilot light being out or ignition problems may cause your furnace to start to regularly blow cold air during these winter months.  It’s a call to action built into the furnace, basically a warning to call a heating service technician.

Worn out bearings, broken belts, failing self lubed motor fatigue can cause a lack of airflow from your furnace. If you are experiencing a reduced amount of heat in your home, your furnace filter can be clogged like the picture above as well as a clogged evaporator coil.

Normal Wear & Tear
Your furnace will decrease in efficiency as it gets older, and continuing to run it while it is broken is a safety hazard. A yearly furnace inspection is good protocol to follow before repairs become extensive and expensive.

Unusual sounds in your furnace should be addressed as soon as possible. Rattling, squeaking and any other noises could be signs of a mechanical problem, issues with airflow or a clogged burner, as well as safety concerns.

If you are experiencing any issues with your heating or furnace and would like to schedule an appointment to prevent these problems, contact Around the Town HVAC today. 312-243-9896.

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