Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale

It will be back to school very soon.  The stores have been stocking the shelves with school supplies.  Instead of school supplies, we have been stocking our shop with high efficient boilers and furnaces for our own Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale. Autumn will be here shortly, and the weather will be changing like the leaves changing colors on the trees. It’s not too early to start thinking about getting your furnace cleaned and checked and at the same time request a free estimate for a super high efficient furnace or boiler.

Around the Town Heating and Cooling is both a new furnace installation company,  and we do service repairs for boilers and new boiler installation. We have highly qualified technicians that can diagnose the problems you are experiencing with your furnace or boiler.

When considering buying a new furnace or boiler it is important to have the right size unit and proper installation. It is just as important to have a good quality furnace or boiler as it is to have a good HVAC contractor.

Now, new furnaces and boilers can be more expensive to purchase.  However,  the money will be paid back in time through lower utility bills. High efficiency heating systems have a AFUE of 90% to 97%. (An AFUE means annual fuel utilization efficiency.)  New furnaces and boilers are required to display their AFUE on their products so the consumer can compare heating efficiencies.

Now, some consumers prefer boilers than furnaces. Boilers can make a whole house warm by maintaining consistent temperature throughout the entire house. Boilers are no longer the huge mass of iron that you probably remember, they are new models that are more compact and are as energy efficient as furnaces.

Around The Town Heating and Cooling an HVAC contractor can help you with your furnace and boilers repairs and installations. We can fit both your needs and your budget. Call us today Chicago 312-243-9896 or Suburbs 708-560-5410.

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