water damage Chicago

Chicago flood emergency damage repair will be needed if your basement is flooded. Call now!

Chicago flood emergency damage repair services are available now! Is your  house flooded and your furnace in need of repair or replacement? The storms that hit Chicago, Illinois on April 17th and 18th 2013, have wreaked havoc on furnaces, boilers and hot water tanks in basements all over the Chicago area .

Around the Town Heating and Air Conditioning is offering our assistants at cut rate pricing. If your basement flooded and your heating system is out immediately call your insurance company and then call us to see how we can be of service.

Furnaces, Hot Water Tank, Boilers, and Sump Pumps are the main heart of your home besides your electrical system. If your basement is flooded please use caution if you go down into your flooded basement. Water and electricity can cause a serious health danger condition. Please use caution or do not go into the basement at all.

Due to the storms and floods of yesterday and today We are offering great pricing on replacement furnaces, boilers and hot water tanks as well as sump pumps and back up sump pump systems.If you have low water in your basement of only a few inches shut of your furnace or boiler until we can come out to do a maintenance check of your furnace or boiler. If your basement has reached a foot or more of water your furnace or boiler may be repaired.  However a major dry out will be needed as well as some parts may need replacing. Call Big Ed and Crew to see how we can be of service. Good Luck and be Safe. 312-243-9896

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  • Flooded boiler repair or replacement
  • Water damaged furnace repair
  • Water damaged boiler repair
  • Water damaged hot water tanks
  • Furnace damaged from flooding
  • Boiler damaged from flooding