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Chicago Bridgeport Heating & air conditioning contractor 60608, 60616, 60609, tells of times of old when a hand shake was all you needed to do business. At Around The Town Heating and Cooling we still operate this way. When we come out for an estimate and you award us the job we seldom ask for a deposit, when we perform furnace or A/C repairs and If we don’t have your part (This Seldom Happens) and have to go to our suppliers, we never ask for a down payment like many other HVAC companies do. We still believe that the majority of people in our great city are honest and will pay a fair days wage for good services performed.

The good hard working citizens of the Bridgeport Neighborhood in Chicag know the value of work performed and in our opinion know a good honest heating and air conditioning contractor when the see and talk to them, like our company.

Chicago Bridgeport Heating & air conditioning contractor 60608, 60616, 60609 talks shop.

A little simple information about your heating & air conditioning system and your furnace can go a long way. Changing your filter in your furnace alone, can add years to the life of your appliance. This action should be performed once a month and we HVAC guys do not recommend those three month filters because the out of site out of mind principle applies and that can cause irreplaceable damage to your HVAC system.

Boilers and bleeding the radiators

The importance of this action is that the radiators bled properly will have proper heat throw and will not cause back pressure to your circulating pump which can shorten the life of the circulating pump. Circulating pumps also need a “few drops” of oil every couple of months; do not over fill the circulating pump.

The end result is to let you know that free answers to your commonly asked questions are only a phone call away, and it is time to start thinking about your heating system, and call to schedule and appointment for your Boiler or furnace cleaning today!

Remember folks don`t call the other guys call Big Ed Instead!  We’re at your service day or night, we do the job and do it right!

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