Chicago Boiler Repair

Chicago boiler repair, the weather in Chicago finally took a turn for the worst. Boilers are breaking down by the dozens daily andthis Chicago boiler repair company has met every boiler repair with resilience second to none.

Chicago boiler repair talks about the temperatures and how they surge up and down due to the strange weather patterns we have seen of late.
This phenomenon is only going to cause more stress on the boilers in and around the Chicago land area. As the outside temperature fluctuates, a higher heat producing demand on the boiler increases.

When your boiler runs continuously when the sub-freezing temps arrive, a heavy stress is exerted on your boiler and components, such as the circulation pumps, gas valves, and water feeders and so on. Let me say this”

Chicago boiler repair is best performed by boiler certified companies like Around the Town Heating and Cooling. Let me explain about Chicago boiler repair companies that say they know boilers, most don’t believe you me.

Just the other day in Orland Park, IL I received a call from a land lord that said that the majority of companies he had called said they did not work on boilers and the few Chicago boiler repair companies that did show up spent hours trying to figure out how to get heat in 1 apartment that the baseboard radiators were cold. This is a common occurrence and if you’re not a qualified Chicago boiler repair technician or company then making the boiler repair may be futile.

This is exactly what took place here, one company said the pipes were frozen (wrong) and put electric heaters in the apartment to warm up the radiator, LOL! The second company couldn’t figure it out and said that all zone valves were defective and needed replacing (wrong again).

The real culprit was air; air is a strong force in a closed water boiler system, and if you don’t know boilers and how they operate such as the flow or sequence of operation, then removing the air may be an impossible task for those who try. An air block or bubble can stop the flow of water as in this case in Orland Park.

Chicago boiler repair
Knowing your boiler and its components can aid in diagnostics.

Would you like to know how I removed the air blockage? I bet you would? If you every have an air bound water boiler system and are in need of a good and honest Chicago boiler repair person just call Big Ed at Around the Town Heating and Cooling, he can help….

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