Chicago Air Conditioning System Repair


Chicago Air Conditioner Repair

Living in the 21st century is all about making life as comfortable as possible. Air Conditioners are a significant part of this era where it’s all about making life easier. However, like everything else, Air Conditioners do require some check-ups and maintenance tasks from time to time. Calling an expert every time would be very costly so there are few of the common issues and their repairs that, if you learn, could save you a few bucks! 

Common issues with their Solutions

  1. If the AC is not working at all. 

Check the main supply to be sure that the AC is getting the power supply. If yes, then reset the switches. Also check the thermostat settings. If all’s well then check for the replaceable capacitors, contactors and fuses. You might need to replace any that’s not working. If you still don’t get any results then it’s time to call the expert.

  1. If the AC is working but not cooling.

In such a scenario, you can perform a number of checks. First of all, turn off the power. Then check for the filters. Clean them. Next, see if there’s any ice formed on the coils. If there is, turn on the fan to melt it. If both of these measures don’t work then check for any blockage in the outdoor compressor.

  1. Decide between the capacitor and contactor.

In the first step, we mentioned replacing the capacitor and the contactor but of course, one can’t be sure of replacing the right part without a check. So, to check for the capacitor, when you turn on the system, check for any clicking sound followed by a ‘humming’ or ‘buzzing’ sound. If you hear such sounds then you can be sure that the capacitor has failed as the sound you’re hearing is of the fan motor attempting to start.

If you don’t hear the buzzing or humming sound after the clicking sound of compressor then it’s the contactor that needs to be replaced.

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