Chicago air conditioning service

Chicago air conditioning service.

Chicago air conditioning service company is offering great service rates. For the month of February thru March15,, our service/diagnostic fee has been reduced for single-family residential homes from $79.00 to $69.00 and for mid-rise and high rise condo buildings our service rates from $89.00 to $79.00.

There are times that a fair and reliable  Chicago air conditioning service company and heating outfit will understand how tough the times are and take initiative to lend a helping hand, we are offering you just that, a helping hand.  Besides the discounted service charge, we are offering great prices on air conditioning replacements as well as great pricing on new furnace and air conditioning combo replacement packages starting at $3999.00.  Many of the consumers assume that heating and air conditioning prices are outrageous. But truly the manufactures and the wholesalers are gouging us heating and air conditioning contractors. So we try to be fair and balanced with our pricing, especially when the big HVAC corporations are gouging us.

Chicago air conditioning service
Salvatore, Ed, and Zach installing a Daikin rooftop unit


This Chicago air conditioning service company is also offering for a limited time, residential single-family homes  A/c tune-ups for only $79.95.  Our a/c tune-up consists of inspecting all wiring, inspection of all mechanical moving parts, checking for pitting of contractor switches and loose connections as well as oil any moving parts that apply.  We also clean the condenser coils as well as check the Refrigerant levels for proper operation.  All this for the above-mentioned price of $79.95. Mid-rise and high rise ac inspection and tune-ups now only$139.00.

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