Chicago Air Conditioning Repair Service

Repairing your air conditioning is one of the services we provide our customers in Chicago.

Central air conditioning installations is another service we provide to you in Chicago.

Our air conditioning cleaning and air conditioning tune up Summer sale has begun for 2016.

Your central air conditioning evaporator coil is a big germ trap.

Evaporator coil cleaning is important for germ remediation that helps eliminate microscopic organisms like mold, mildew, dust mites, spores, and parasites.  After the evaporator coil is professionally cleaned, then ultra violet germicidal lights should be installed near the cooling coil and one installed in the return system.

Indoor air quality products are not cheap by no means, but the health benefits outweigh the costs. Don’t forget spring has sprung and its time to give us a friendly call to schedule your air conditioner tune up and cleaning.

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