Chicago Air Conditioning Repair

Chicago air conditioning repair

Finding a Chicago air conditioning repair specialist in Chicago is a daunting task with all the HVAC contractors available. Around the Town Heating & Cooling will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to heating or air conditioning repair. Summer is coming so maintenance is key insuring your  air conditioning system is up to speed and working properly.

We are now offering a central air conditioning special with an A/C 19 point inspection for $89.95. The 19 point inspection will include: Clean outdoor coil, tighten all wire connections for safety, clean blower housing and remove all debris, check wet and dry bulb temperatures in the home, check subcooling, check suction pressure, check temperature drop across coil, lubricate all moving parts, perform operating cost analysis, check relays and or contactors for pitted contact points, check amp draw on motors, clean or replace furnace filter, check refrigerant charge, adjust fan belt (if needed), check superheat, check head pressure, check for airflow restrictions and inspect duct work for proper CFM.  The importance of the 19 point inspection after completed properly ensures that your air conditioning system is functioning properly at the time of service and you should get the most energy efficiency from your unit. Cleaning of Chicago air conditioning systems are very imperative due to the amount of construction debris that is floating around and the amount of jet fuel that is being dumped into atmosphere not to mention other Chicago pollution causing a negative effect on Go Green.

We also offer central air conditioning packages starting at $2,499.00 with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. By purchasing the package system you’re saving yourself 30 percent in cost due to being bulk instead of individual parts. Central air condtioner combo units will save energy as well as give you the best warranty around town.

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