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Chicago air conditioning contractor says hell ya” to the warm weather today.

Chicago air conditioning contractor states the obvious about warm temperatures, which means the flowers are blooming the grass is growing and the cubbies and white sox are in full swing.

Chicago air conditioning contractor also states that this means warmer temperatures in your homes and businesses. The cooling selector switch on your thermostat will be set for air conditioning.   Did your air conditioning system turn on?  If so, is it cooling properly? Would you know if your central air conditioning system is working properly even if it came on?

Just because you feel cool air coming from your registers does it mean you’re a/c is working correctly.  Your central air conditioner may be running and blowing cool air but is it removing the humidity? When you’re a/c is running for a while do you feel clammy? Do you have sweat under your shirt even though the a/c is running?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then your air conditioner is not working properly and it’s time to call a Chicago air conditioning contractor.  Many air conditioning systems ran hard and long last summer and if they didn’t fail last year, the odds are, it may fail this year.

Let me explain what I mean.  Any mechanical equipment that runs hard for a while then sits for a spell, like all winter, should require maintenance.  If you drive your vehicle on long trips.  such as Chicago to the east coast or Chicago to the west coast, wouldn’t it be a fair assumption that a maintenance check should be performed? Rotating tires, changing the oil, or even replacing the windshield wipers?

The same applies to your home central air conditioning system. This Chicago air conditioning contractor definitely thinks so.  And we can attest to the volume of air conditioning repair calls we receive in the beginning of the cooling season.  Many of the calls are due to  lack of air conditioning maintenance.

chicago air conditioning contractor
Central Air conditioning maintenance and repair.

Save yourself some money by having your air conditioner maintenance performed now! Call 312-243-9896.
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