Everything You Want To Know About Blower Motors

  1. What does the blower motor have to do with my Air Conditioning System?
  2. Why does the blower motor some times blow harder that other times?
  3. How much should a blower motor cost?

Small questions, big answers.

The blower motor circulates air through your duct work.  It regulates (along with your limit control) the amount of heat along with the thermostat  it delivers.  With central air conditioning, the blower motor is critical in many ways. Pulling unconditioned air through your return system and back through the furnace to change the warm air to cool air.  This method is called latent heat of evaporation.  It transforms a liquid chemical called Refrigerant from a liquid to a vapor.  By doing so, it gives off cooling, and then sends the heat it picks up in the house and it expels it outside.

Why does the blower motor work harder sometimes then others?

It can be a dirty filter, a dirty evaparator, or a return register can be blocked.

The basic cost of blower motors are from $289.00 to $585.00.

If you need a new blower motor this year for your Chicago central air conditioning unit, hopefully this post has answered a few of your questions!  If not, give Around The Town a call or contact us online!

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