Chicago AC Contractors Anticipate a Late Summer Heat Wave

Chicago AC Contracter

It has been a comfortable summer so far this year, but the heat may be lurking just around the corner this week. Temperatures are starting to rise and so is the humidity. If you haven’t had your AC checked out this year, now is the time to do it. In order to have your AC system working at peak efficiency it needs regular maintenance.

Tip: In order to avoid the humid weather from entering the home in the summer we suggest that you do not shut of your AC system while you are out of the house but raise it to 80 degrees in order to keep the humidity out.

Change your filters regularly to get maximum performance out of your AC system. Dirty filters can make your AC system unable to perform at peak efficiency.

If you are still experiencing temperature discomfort, Call Around the Town HVAC Today to schedule a profession cleaning and maintenance check.

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