Have you changed your furnace filter this month?

85% of all our service calls are due to dirty furnace filters.

Furnace filters should be checked or changed monthly. The manufactures require a monthly furnace filter change. However every home is different as far as dust and dirt goes. Many homes that are cleaned a couple times a week stir up dust and dirt particles, those particles floating in the air and while your furnace is running sucks those particles back to the furnace filter. do you know that 85% of all our service calls are due to dirty furnace filters.That’s why its important to at the very least get into a regimen of checking your furnace filter monthly. Once you learn your furnace filter cycle, write it down and follow the cycle of furnace filter changes.

Believe me when I tell you that your furnace as well as your central air conditioning will operate more efficiently and the air you breath in your home or office will be much cleaner.

Note: certain conditions may require a more frequent furnace filter change, such as: Home renovations, big or small. Carpet replacement, floor sanding, drywall repairing which requires sanding. and any other projects that may produce dust and dirt.

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