Central Heating System Contractor

Central heating systems

Can be either a furnace or boiler, and in some parts of the country heat pumps are used for the central heating system.  In the Chicago area we mainly use furnaces or boilers for our central heating systems. If you live in certain high rise buildings in Chicago, in the winter, chillers provide hot water to your air handler for your  heating and in the summer provide chilled water for your air conditioning.

Central heating cut away view
In your central heating system you have all these moving parts.

Central heating system needs maintenance.

Lack of central heating system maintenance can cause the heating system to fail and if it’s cold outside a central heating system repair contractor may be hard to find. Of course on the internet central heating contractors are a dime a dozen but are they available and what are their pricing structure?

Around The Town Heating and Cooling your local Central heating contractor will inform you of our service call fees as well as hourly charges or flat rate fees.

We never have hidden fees and you will be informed by our technicians up front the cost of the repair before the repair is made. Our service technicians will inform you of any new laws like the furnace laws of May 1st 2013.
Our technicians, besides informing you of the costs of repairs will give you their professional opinion if the repair is worth performing (this applies to older furnaces as well as neglected  heating systems).

Your central heating system keeps you comfortable during those harsh Chicago days and nights. Fortunately we haven’t seen too many harsh days but they are coming and it is suggested that you have your central heating contractor phone number ready just in case. 312-243-9896

We always strive to earn your business as your central heating contractor as well as retaining your business.

Large enough to service you! Small enough to care!

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