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Heating cooling systems

We are the expert heating and cooling technicians, available to replace or repair your heating or air conditioning system in the Chicago area.

Uncertain that your heating and cooling system is performing at its peak efficiency?

There are many reasons that a new heating and cooling system will out perform your current system. The greatest reason is that newer more efficient technology is utilized in furnaces and central air conditioning systems that are manufactured today.


$100 Off

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, we can install and configure everything to work together correctly. In Chicago, the summer brings with it blistering heat, while the winter rings in the chills. You want to be comfortable regardless of the time of the year it is, and this is where great heating and cooling appliances come in. At Around the Town HVAC, we care deeply about improving the comfort levels in your home, which is why we have dedicated a considerable amount of time and resources towards ensuring that our customers remain cozy all year round. Our experts understand the HVAC space like no one else in the industry, and this definitely comes in handy when addressing Chicago customer needs.

Heating & Cooling System Repair or Replacement?

We have heard this question numerous times. Most people never really know what to do with their current air conditioning systems. They are at times torn between repairing their units or replacing the systems entirely. It is a delicate balancing act, and this is why you need help from a professional. At Around the Town HVAC, we know when systems need to be repaired and when you need to overhaul them with brand new alternatives. There are a whole lot of factors to consider here, so always take your time.

Our latest package deals

Consumers can spend a lot of money on their heating and cooling system needs, and this is why they would rather repair a broken AC than opt for a new one. We understand that cost is usually a consideration, and this is why we are always coming up with good deals that reduce your financial burden while at the same time helping you get a quality bargain. Whenever you buy a heating or cooling system, you will need an experienced in installer to put it in your home or business.

A Guarantee of Quality

A lot of companies offering AC repair in Chicago, IL and other services try to sell their products for a huge margin. Others sell HVAC units at ridiculously low prices. At Around the Town, we guarantee that our heating and cooling systems are of the highest quality, and at an affordable price. We only work with the best manufactures in the market, so you can be sure that your heating and cooling systems will continue to work for a long time. We believe in helping you save save money and get the best worry free heating and cooling products for your home or business.

The Chicago HVAC Repair and Replacement Experts

We have perfected our skills in everything that has to do with your heating and cooling systems. If you have been using your central air system for ten or so years, then it is definitely not working as effeciently as it once was. We can asses the unit’s performance and decide whether you need repairs or a complete replacement. Sometimes, even when there are no outward signs of failure, you still need to replace your systems because older units tend to be less efficient than newer ones.

Around the Town HVAC also offers maintenance services for furnaces and air conditioning systems in order to make sure that they serve you for the longest time possible.

We are the leading heating and cooling specialists in Chicago, Illinois. Contact us for a furnace and central air conditioner at a great price and allow our experts to install the system for you right away.