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High School Summer league Baseball has begun. I braved the hot afternoon, you know like when you feel like you’re melting into the pavement. Watching my son’s game all I could think about was getting home to my nice cool central air conditioning.

Central air conditioning/air conditioning repair Chicago cooling

Comfort can mean different things to different people. To me consistent temperature throughout the home, good indoor quality and quiet operation spells comfort. If you are experiencing Air conditioning system problems, don’t hesitate to call Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago Air Conditioner Service Repair Company.

Sometimes you might have major room temperature swings when room temperature drop lower than the set temperature on the thermostat, it could mean the thermostat isn’t calibrated or isn’t installed properly to obtain a sampling of room air. Maybe you’re A/C might be blowing hot air instead of cold air. This is the time to call your Air conditioning service repair contractor. Remember air conditioners look the same but check the SEER ratings. Let our HVAC service technician help find and air conditioning system that is right for your home. The higher the SEER numbers the more efficient and this will save you more money. We at Around The Town Heating and Cooling a Chicago air conditioning service repair contractor say our reputation speaks for itself.

WE have 24 hour air conditioning service repair. Call Chicago 312-243-9896 or suburbs 708-560-5410. We’re at your service day or night, we do the job and do it right. Don`t call the other guy call big ed instead!

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