Central Air conditioning Verses the Extreme Heat

Air conditioning verses the extreme heat of late. Has your central air conditioning system seem to not work as well as you would like when the heat is above 95 degrees out?  Who wins, the extreme heat with out door temps above 95 or your central air conditioning system? Both, neither.

I bet you didn’t know that the all air conditioning systems have a design temperature, of comfort,  at 95 degrees outdoor, another words the manufacture design on residential split system central air conditioning systems are set to operate efficiently and comfortably at 95 degrees outdoor temperature and below and provide 72 degrees in your home. Some manufactures and engineers have slightly different indoor temperatures from 70 to 75 degrees. Interesting fact you should know.

With the above fact, if your home is not achieving 70 to 75 degrees with outdoor temps at 95 degrees and less then it is a good possibility that you’re a/c system is not working as designed and you may need a service call from Around the Town Heating And Cooling to figure out why and let you know how to improve your system.

With the outdoor temperatures above 97 pretty consistently lately, you’re a/c system will struggle, and you must consider that fact. With that in mind, things you should do to help alleviate stress and breakdowns on your central air conditioning is to keep your furnace filter clean also if you can and the tools are available for you, then by all means wash down your outdoor condenser with a jet stream nozzle from your garden hose.
And also raise your thermostat to 75 to 80 degrees; remember if the humidity is gone from your home then 75 degrees will be comfortable. Also a little tidbit to know air conditionings as well as heating systems is designed to operate at a 20 degree differential between your supply and return temperatures.

If the temperature is 100 degrees outside you may achieve 80 degrees in your home, this rule applies to the average single family home, if you live in a condo or town home you may achieve better temperatures due to the fact that you share common walls and you don’t have the heat gain that single family dwelling absorb. There are many other factors that affect air conditioning in your home.
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