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Central air conditioning system financing. Should you Finance for 60 months?

You see in the newspapers and hear on the TV and the radio ads about financing your residential HVAC system with no interests or payments for 60 months. My question is who would want to finance a residential HVAC or central air conditioning system for that long? It’s not like you’re purchasing a car. Think about that for a moment.

Average AC System Replacement Cost

Central air conditioning system financing, the majority of your central air conditioning system replacement cost is around $3600.00 as an average, do you want to have that lurking around for 5 years? I know I wouldn’t. What about financing a furnace? Sure, that’s not unreasonable, especially if your cash or credit cards are maxed out. However be reasonable in that approach, get financed for a year or two at most, with payments so that the financing doesn’t weigh down your credit.

Now grant it, there are Air Conditioning systems for residential homes that cost $15,000.00 to $50,000.00. Now financing these projects may be in the realm of reasonable, considering a purchase like that is usually intended for long term use by the consumer.
Just a thought, we do offer financing as well, however, we will not burden you with the entrapment of a long term loan. Get ready for the summer season by having your air conditioning system tuned up.

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