Central Air Conditioning Special 16 Point Inspection


Have you had your central air conditioning cleaned and checked?

At Around the town Heating and Cooling use a 16 point check list to perform our air conditioning cleaning and tuning to insure the air conditioning unit you own is safe, energy efficient, and will last longer with proper maintenance.  Here is what we check on your air conditioner:

  1. Check or replace home owner supplied furnace or air handler filter
  2. Clean and inspect indoor blower for proper operation and debris
  3. Inspect duct work for proper sizing for proper static pressure
  4. Do a visual inspection to the evaporator coil for cleanliness
  5. Check wet bulb and dry bulb temps in home relating to humidity
  6. Check temperature drop between supply and return at furnace
  7. Check air flow restrictions at furnace or air handler
  8. Check thermostats for proper functionality

Out door condenser checks consists of the following below:

  1. Inspect all high and low voltage electrical connections
  2. Lubricate all moving parts that require lubricant
  3. Check relays and contactors for pitting and failing operations
  4. Check all amp draws on motors and compressor
  5. Check suction pressure, superheat, head pressure and sub cooling
  6. Perform acid test on refrigerant to insure no contaminants in system
  7. Thoroughly clean out door condenser
  8. Adjust refrigerant charge as necessary for proper operation

If you are not checking all of these things yearly on your air conditioner, please give Around The Town a call, or contact us online and we will happily check your air conditioner system for you!

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