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Central Air conditioning services will soon be needed; don’t miss out on the pre-season specials.

Central air conditioning services include cleaning and maintenance to your central air conditioning system. Why should I have my central air conditioning cleaned and maintenance? Good question. Like anything mechanical, maintenance is key for a properly function machine.

With central air conditioning systems items do fail without usages. Let me explain. During the long winter months your central air conditioning systems sits outside and the moisture causes rusting of the components of the central air conditioning system.

Three of the major component that seems to fail during the non-seasonal use is the condenser fan motor, the contactor and the capacitor. With the condenser fan motor, sometimes the motor will stick after a prolonged period of non-usage. When the central air conditioning system is turned on in the beginning of the a/c season, a high amperage draw may occur and can blow the capacitor and/or your breaker.

Refrigerant always seems to leak out during the winter months. This is mainly due to the migration of Refrigerant to the outdoor unit called the condenser. Refrigerant migrates to the coldest location and of course in the Midwest that’s outdoors. If leaks are present anywhere in your air conditioning system, during the winter months that’s when the Refrigerant leaks out.

The contactor is the component that starts the condenser running after you turn your thermostat on to cool. The contactor is critical to sending the 240 volts electrical to the compressor, the condenser fan motor simultaneously. The contactor does rust and get pitted. Also every season we find spiders and cob webs that restrict the operation of the contactor. Another good reason why having your central air conditioning services performed.

Another reason for Central air conditioning services is dirt.
If the placement of your central air conditioning system is in areas that dirt can clog the condenser, this too can cause major problems. Examples for dirt build up can be under deck condenser placement. Or a place where dirt surrounds the ground of the air conditioning unit. You may wonder about that statement. If there is no grass or mulch or even decorative landscapes stones that surround the air conditioning unit, this causes dirt build up. Let me explain; as the rain falls, the dirt splashes the mud into the condenser coil fins causing clogging. This will cause lack of cooling.  And a big problem is cottonwood and whirlybirds, everyone knows about the dreaded cottonwood and whirlybirds. Cottonwood  and whirlybirds clogs condensers, and many other things too.

This is why having your central air conditioning services performed prior to starting the air conditioner is important.  Call soon to have your central air conditioning services performed by none other than Big Ed and Crew. 708-560-5410. Thanks

Oh ya, I forgot to remind you to check your furnace or air handler filter. This maintenance check should be done monthly!

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