Central air conditioning repair

Central air conditioning repair
Central air conditioning repairs can be avoided in most cases if you follow these few guide lines.

1. If you cover your central air conditioner or condenser for the winter, make sure you remove the cover before starting the a/c. You may laugh, however we get 10 plus calls a year due to damage caused from not removing the cover.

2. Have your central air conditioning cleaned and tuned up yearly.(This is a Given)

3. Make sure you change your furnace filter monthly, if you buy those dreaded three month filters make sure the filters are clean and try one out first and make sure the filter does not drag down your blower motor. You will hear the sound difference when you install those 3 month filters.

4. During the cottonwood season make sure you shut off you’re a/c and with a garden hose wash those cottonwoods of the condenser (your outdoor unit) using a downwards spraying motion. Do not push the cottonwood into the coil fins.

5. If you have dogs, pay attention that your dog does not urinate on the condenser.
6. If your air conditioning or condenser is under your porch or deck make sure there is at least 30 inches of clearance at bare minimum.

7. If your condenser is smacked close to your home make sure the side closest to your home is cleaned, that aspect is always overlooked.

These are a few tips to help eliminate those high air conditioning repairs bills, any mechanical item can and will breakdown at some point, however following these simple steps above will decrease the chance of severe breakdowns especially when it’s 90 degrees out.

If you would like more tips on your a/c system or are in need of air conditioning repairs call Your Comfort heating and Comfort Cooling experts of Around The Town Heating and Cooling today at 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410

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