Central Air conditioning Repair Chicago

Central air conditioning repair Chicago, spring is near and soon the warm temperatures to follow.

Central air conditioning repair, HVAC contractors will be promoting sales on selected central air conditioning systems. With the R-22 refrigerant soaring at an all-time high, central air conditioning replacements will boom due to the high cost of repairs for the R-22 central air conditioning systems.

With the federal mandates on the reduction of production of R-22 refrigerant, supply and demand rule applies. Some say that R-22 refrigerant prices may drop because production will increase in the spring. I will believe that when I see it, almost like the old saying” when cows fly…

Central air conditioning repair verses replacement this year should be a no brainer for the consumer. I have heard some central air conditioning repair contractors charging as much as $175.00 a pound of R-22 for the first 3 pounds and then $100.00 for any additional, crazy right?

If you have had to replace R-22 refrigerant every year then your smart option this spring is to replace verses repair. Pricing for home central air conditioning will not be cheap either due the corporations constantly increasing their prices by as much as 8 to 10% 4 times a year. Typical of the corporate world, we need more money”. This reminds me of that old movie Short Circuit where the robot needs more Input Stephanie more input”

Central air conditioning repair verses replacement should be considered on any R-22 system that’s older than ten years and constant break downs occur. Around the Town Heating and Cooling have great sales on Amana Central air conditioning systems.

If you live in high rise condos or apartments and need a free estimate for a new Central air conditioning system make sure you have the location or access to the outdoor condenser and if a ladder is needed mention that as well. If there is a lock on the hatch, have the lock opened please, or get the key from the association or maintenance person.

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