Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Chicago

Central air conditioning maintenance is a smart way to save money on your utilities bills.

Central air conditioning maintenance also prevents major breakdowns such as compressor failure, capacitor failure as well as condenser motor failure. The central air conditioning maintenance check by us will tell us that a problem exists, if any. We can remedy it before it gets worse or fails completely.

Many consumers as well as our customers will say; “we will wait until next year to maintain our air conditioner” guess what, every time we hear that from a customer, a month or so goes by and they are calling to say their air conditioner is not working!

Central air conditioning maintenance is important just because of those above statements. Not spending $89.00 now for a central air conditioning maintenance may cost you $$$$$$ later.
Other preventions a good central air conditioning maintenance provides is drain protection. If you live on a second floor and above and your evaporator coil drain line clogs where do you think the water will go? The answer is in your neighbors ceiling below you. Insurance Claims! Even if your furnace is in a basement and the drain clogs, water may eventually creep into your finished part of the basement and again, Insurance claims! central air conditioning maintenance

Some central air conditioning contractors like us install water protection devices that will stop the air conditioning system, if the drain line clogs and the sensor protection senses water or moisture. Or if the blower motor fails and the evaporator coil freezes up and spills into the furnace or air handler.

Ignoring air conditioning contractors advertising for an air conditioning maintenance check may indeed cause you stress that you don’t want or need. And today there is enough stress in our lives that added stress is not warrantied. For example, Boston Marathon bombing. Give us a call to have your central air conditioning maintenance performed for the hot season 2013 to come.

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