Central Air Conditioning – Beware of the Free Offers

Central Air Conditioning Specials

central air conditioning specials if they are too good to be true then it usually is'
Central air conditioning system with a free furnace is usually too good to be true, believe me, it is!

There are many heating and air conditioning companies that offer free furnaces with the purchase of a central air conditioning purchase. If you think about it, you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get that special. What I mean by that is; to receive such a great deal like that, you will have to buy the most energy-efficient central air conditioner on the market (ie 22 Seer 410A Two Stage). And with that 22 seer air conditioning system, you have to change your furnace as well. The cost of such a unit is overwhelming.

To be honest, the energy savings, in the long run, does not warrant such a high-end purchase.  Especially in the Chicago area.  Another way some companies get you is with a deal that you get the furnace for free but not the cost of installation.  The additional parts needed to install the furnace will be extra.

Another gimmick on the market is that “we will beat any competitor’s price by $500!“.  Are they comparing apples to apples? Are they giving you the same unit? Most likely not. You get what you pay for. Look at it this way; if a company that offers $500 off beating the competitor’s price guarantee, doesn’t the red flag pop?  My radar would be up.

That definitely holds true in the HVAC world. If you aren’t sure you are getting a good price from your HVAC contractor, then you should get 3 quotes for the same exact equipment. That will tell you what you should be paying. 3 estimates usually balances out the prices.

And remember here in the Chicago land area we only have approximately 3 months of central air conditioning usage.

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