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Central air conditioner contractor has played a major role in promoting allergy free air conditioning system performances.

Central air conditioner contractor also explains why allergy free central air conditioning systems are harder to achieve then you may think. Keep the below images in your mind while you read on!

During central air conditioning cycles, moisture’s are produced, the sound of water is what you see or hear near your furnace in the spring and summer while your air conditioning system is running. Moisture’s can and do cause mildew and mold spores on your evaporator coil that is above your furnace, (or on down flow units below your furnace).

Many of the allergens can be avoided by changing your air filter monthly as well as having a central air conditioner contractor perform a evaporator coil clean once a year.

Do you know that one of the dirty places in your home or business is inside your furnace, blower motor and evaporator coil? Let me show you a few pics I took at customers homes of the condition of their furnace and evaporator coil.

central air conditioner contractor
This is a evaporator coil, imagine if you will, a carpet left wet in your basement or trunk of your car, what happens, pew” now imagine that above your furnace all summer long?

These conditions wreak havoc on your lungs and health in general.

central air conditioner contractor
This is a furnace we are removing in a upscale condo in a upscale north side neighborhood of Chicago, as I said the dirtiest place in a home is in the furnace and evaporator coil.


If you have allergies from the pollen in the spring or summer, why add to your suffering because of your central air conditioner?

Achieving healthy and non-allergenic cooling in your home or business isn’t such a hard task as I explain above. A couple of things need to take place though. 1 if we as a central air conditioner contractor offer the correct advice such as; making sure you change your furnace filter monthly during winter and summer. (As many of my customers can attest to, I harp on the importance of filter changes). 2 if you as a maintenance conscience homeowner agree to have your central air conditioner contractor perform the tasks they present to you, then two things will occur. 1 your central air conditioner will not give you allergy problems while running and 2 your central air conditioner will last must longer with fair energy consumptions.

Call today 312-243-9896 about options and pricing to clean up your polluted furnace and air conditioner today!
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