Central A/C Repair Service

Central a/c repair service in the Chicago land area has been steady due to the age of central air conditioning systems and fatigue.

Central a/c repair service work and the correlation between the age of the central air conditioning system, location of the a/c unit as well as maintenance comes to bare.

The average age of central air conditioning systems in the Chicago land area is between 10 and 15 years old.  This doesn’t sound old for a/c systems. However the lack or Central a/c repair service and the locations of your central air conditioning system have a lot to do with the short life of the a/c unit in the Chicago land area.

In Las Vegas, compressor change outs are as common as trading in your car every four to five years.  The extreme heat and the roof top installations of the a/c systems and heat pumps have much to do with that phenomenon.

That’s why in the Chicago land area we HVAC contractors suggest maintenance service twice yearly.  Have your furnace and a/c system checked. As you may know or not know, both furnace and a/c systems work hand in hand with each other.  If there is a problem with the furnace then it’s a good chance your a/c system will suffer as well.

Central a/c’s installed under decks and on high rise roofs also impedes the longevity of your air conditioning system.
If you are in need of central a/c repair service in the Chicago land area first check your furnace filter and make sure it’s clean.  If the a/c unit is in view, inspect the outdoor unit.  Look into the grills and see if the a/c condenser is clogged with cottonwood and other dirt and grime.  If all seem well then by all means call for central a/c repair service. 312-243-9896.

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