My Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air! What Do I Do?

There is nothing worse than having an incredible warm day and you try to kick in your central air to find that your central air conditioning unit is only blowing warm air. It is even worse when this occurs in the middle of summer! These last couple days here in Chicago have given us Chicago […]

Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling has a wide variety of uses such as baking, food processing, distilleries and processing metals and so on. But the term heating and cooling within our business is associated with heating your home or office and cooling your home or office for the comfort of the people. Heating and cooling has many […]

Central Air Conditioner Sale

Central Air Conditioner Sale Central air conditioner sale. Call before April 31 2013 to schedule a free in home estimate for an Amana Central air conditioning system. Why call now? Because Around the Town Heating and Air conditioning is also offering a free programmable thermostat with your purchase as well as a ten year parts […]

Robbins seethes after library’s air conditioner is gutted

By Ryan Haggerty, Chicago Tribune reporter July 12, 2012 The public library in south suburban Robbins stands next to an abandoned house and across the street from another boarded-up home, a cool, quiet oasis in a village beset by poverty and unemployment. But the William Leonard Public Library wasn’t as cool as usual Wednesday. Sometime […]

5 Reasons Why To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Like everything else in life, air conditioning units must be maintained.  Here are a few reasons why you must perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner:

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Repair

Is your central air conditioning system ready for a long hot summer ahead? Here it is March, and the warm weather is here. Air conditioning units will be starting soon (if not today!) especially in high rise condos and apartments in and around the Chicagoland area. Central air conditioning maintenance repair is key for proper […]

Air Conditioning Repairs

You have checked your air conditioner and realized that it isn’t working.  Don’t panic yet over your air conditioning repairs.  There are a few things you can check and do before you call Around The Town Cooling to come to your home to do air conditioning repairs.

BuckTown Air Conditioning Contractor

Do you live between  2400 N Fullerton, 1600 N North Ave., 1500-1800 W Kennedy Expressway, and 2400 W Western?  If so, it is safe to say that you live in the BuckTown neighborhood of Chicago. Finding a good air conditioning contractor in BuckTown that knows your neighborhood and knows how to navigate the roof tops in […]

Heating Financing

What better way to have a new furnace or heating system installed by financing it? There are many ways to purchase a new furnace or heating system. Pay out right with cash, use a credit card, or use the financing companies that offer furnace and heating system financing. Our team is so dedicated on helping […]

Beware Of The 2013 Furnace Efficiency Law Scammers

When new laws are implemented there seems to be self-interpretations of the laws that people see dollar signs associated with.  If there is a way to scare people in believing that you have to do something now or suffer the consequences later, the scammers can and usually do figure it out. Just yesterday, we received […]