Heating System Repair

Heating System Repair in Chicago, For Heating System Repair companies has decreased due to the online parts depots that exist. Many home owners are performing heating system repair on their own heating equipment to save money. Is this wise? I’m not against home owners performing heating system repair on their own heating systems. But I […]

Optimum Air Conditioning Repair Chicago

Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago The very best service we can provide to you is reliable, reasonably priced and outstanding performance from your heating and air conditioning. Our goals my not be the same as your the consumer, however our goal is to insure your air conditioning repair in Chicago is done correctly the first […]

Chicago HVAC Contractor

Chicago HVAC Contractor Ed Pavlick and his group of skilled technicians are ready to meet and exceed your HVAC needs in the Chicago area. Whether you are in a highrise or not, we have got everything covered for you. If your furnace, boiler, water heater, air conditioner or any other piece of HVAC equipment needs to be […]

HVAC Chicago Free Inspection

We are offering free furnace inspections for carbon monoxide leaks in Chicago. We use a small probe camera and inspect your furnace for cracks in the heat exchanger and we test your flue pipe for the amount of carbon monoxide emissions it is releasing.  We also test hot water tanks and stoves for the amount of emissions of carbon […]

Residential Split Systems meet 2015 efficiency standards

  Comprising air conditioners, heat pumps, and air handlers, Residential Split Systems meet 2015 U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards. Indoor units have front-mounted controls and slide-out blower, while outdoor units include sealed, swing-out control box. With footprint that accommodates gates, hand trucks, vans, and site pads, systems feature factory-installed liquid line filter drier, flat […]

Chicago Ridge Heating, Furnace, Boiler; Service & Installation Professionals

We’re incredibly proud to have the opportunity to serve Chicago Ridge residents with our expertise in furnace and boiler repair at Around the Town Heating & Cooling. If you’re a property owner in the Chicago Ridge area seeking furnace or boiler repairs and/or replacements, be sure to read on – you may just save a […]

HVAC Chicago Fact Or Fiction

HVAC Chicago Fact or Fiction, it has been said by many that warranties are important to them. I agree; HVAC warranties (or any warranties) can be worth their weight in gold, that is if you can get your HVAC contractor to make good on the warranty.   Let me explain the scenario for you, its […]

My heat dont work

My heat dont work, I understand the frustration of having no heat. Waking up in the mourning or coming home from work and it is cold really sucks.. I too know the feeling . During the times like now when many people are coming down with the swine flue makes you more nervous about the […]