Furnace filters, do dirty furnace filter cause problems with my furnace?

Furnace filters and problems associated with furnace filters. Furnace filters: Many service calls we are called out on are related to dirty furnace filters. Furnace filters that are restricted due to dirt build causes many furnace related problems. The furnace manufactures recommend changing your furnace filter monthly, however we know that many homeowners neglect that […]

My Furnace Is Running But The House Is Cold

My furnace is running, but my house is cold, and I can even feel air coming out of the registers. The air coming out of the registers is not warm; it feels like room temperature. My furnace is running: sometimes the air is warm and other times its not! Sometimes the furnace ignites and then […]

HVAC Chicago Fact Or Fiction

HVAC Chicago Fact or Fiction, it has been said by many that warranties are important to them. I agree; HVAC warranties (or any warranties) can be worth their weight in gold, that is if you can get your HVAC contractor to make good on the warranty.   Let me explain the scenario for you, its […]

I Need A New Furnace

Looking to purchase a new furnace? Purchasing a new furnace isn’t a hard task. Call up three new furnace contractors and I’m sure they would be more than happy to give you a quote for a new furnace. I know we would! A New furnace today varies from manufacture to manufacture, however all furnaces are […]

Central air conditioner contractor

Central air conditioner contractor has played a major role in promoting allergy free air conditioning system performances. Central air conditioner contractor also explains why allergy free central air conditioning systems are harder to achieve then you may think. Keep the below images in your mind while you read on! During central air conditioning cycles, moisture’s […]

Air Conditioning Repair Chicago

Air conditioning repair Chicago. Soon the snow will melt, the sun will stay out longer and the temps will rise. A good sign that air conditioning season is just around the corner. Due to the long harsh winter, central air conditioning system will need to be serviced upon start up. With the dirty snow that […]

Furnace Tune Up Now

Furnace tune up! What do you get when you have us tune up your furnace? You will • Receive a FREE furnace filter! • Receive 10% discount on any parts if needed! • Priority Scheduling, move to the top of the list! • Quieter, smoother operation of your HVAC equipment! • Prolong the life of […]

Flooded Furnace Problems

Flooded furnace problems can be tricky to figure out. However with the right tools and know how, flooded furnace problems can be fixed. Flooded furnace problems are usually caused by the torrential rain falls we get around the Chicago land area. Just last night (9-19-2013) we received some serious rain fall amounts which in fact […]

Heating System Maintenance Cost

Heating system maintenance cost. Fall is approaching, the evenings begin to cool down and some might think about changing the selector switch on their thermostat from cool to heat. Yes that’s right, heating season already. Time does fly by that’s for sure. Heating system maintenance cost; its time for your heating system maintenance which is  […]

Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Guide

Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Guide Heating and air conditioning consumer guide. You’re the consumer and we are the guide. Have you ever wonder which furnace or central air conditioner is the best? Many people do. Let me give you a scenario .  Saturday afternoon we received a call from an inquiring mind about a […]