Carbon Monoxide / Furnace

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This pic. shows both york furnace and air conditioner

Now is the time to start thinking about having your furnace cleaned and checked or replaced before winter. Seasonal furnace maintenance is essential to make sure your furnace is running efficiently.

Preventative maintenance is very important for your furnace. Carbon monoxide leakage can occur in your home without your knowledge. Carbon monoxide is a harmful odorless gas that can be lethal. By changing the filters and scheduling proper furnace maintenance, you can detect problems early.

Like a heat pump, furnaces keep your home warm in the winter, and serve as an important part of your air conditioning system in the summer. In a furnace, gas or oil is combusted in a burner and the heat produced from that reaction passes through a heat exchanger where it is transferred to the air distribution system by convection.

The mechanics of a furnace is that it takes in cold air, cleans it with an air filter, heats it up with a gas burner using a steel heat exchanger, it distributes the warm air with a blower motor through your home’s duct work. The heated air is forced through your registers in your home’s various rooms pushing the unconditioned (cool Air) back to the returns and back to the furnace to complete another heating loop.

Carbon Monoxide is something that can be very dangerous.  Make sure that you check your furnace when the weather changes and install a carbon monoxide detector.

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