Carbon Monoxide Detectors

carbon-monoxide-detectorCarbon Monoxide detectors, if the co detector rings out: CALL Emergency services immediately.
Furnace repair contractors Chicago

Furnace repair contractor’s Chicago Talks about the importance of carbon monoxide detectors (co).

On Sunday evening 1-16-2011 I received a call from a consumer stating he would like help over the phone fixing his furnace, I walked him through the steps of possible repairs. Low and behold we were able to get his furnace going, (for a short time). He thanked me and that was that: the next morning we received a call from the same person stating that the furnace was broke again, so at this time we scheduled an appointment immediately and had Jeff our technician out at his home at Kenzie and Racine.

These next paragraphs explain why sometimes helping consumers with furnace repairs over the phone is dangerous, however if that’s what the calling person request we oblige. I do ask pertinent question for safety reasons but sometimes the answers aren’t always correct.

As it turned out his furnace needed replacing, the reason for this is; his  scorching all the wiring and controls, the furnace was 22 years old and neglected, not by this home owner but from prior owners. His home inspector did tell him his furnace was questionable when he purchased the home 8 months prior.

I arrived at the job Monday morning with our crew and the first thing I noticed on the ceiling was the batteries from the carbon monoxide detector were slightly removed deeming the carbon monoxide detector useless.

I asked the owner why the batteries were removed. His answer (which is not an uncommon answer) was because the carbon monoxide detector kept going off this is the part I say WHY would you ignore the obvious and disable the co detector? He said he thought the batteries were going dead; this was not the case as it turns out.

Fortunately for him and his wife and us as well, we were able to get him a new furnace right away and stopped a very potential mishap like carbon monoxide poisoning or worse, Death!

The City of Chicago as well as other Municipalities requires working Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home near the heating appliance as well as in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Carbon Monoxide detector saves lives, if you don’t have any please purchase them and install them immediately, if you have carbon monoxide detectors make sure batteries are fresh, if your carbon monoxide detector is more than 3 years old spend the coin and by new ones.

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