Buck town air conditioning repair

Buck town air conditioning repair is a great area of Chicago to perform air conditioning repairs and heating repairs.

Buck town air conditioning repair
Buck Town Air conditioning repair contractor

Buck town air conditioning repair has been servicing the Buck town neighborhood of Chicago since the middle 90’s.  We know that service work can be very expensive, however we do our best to be fair and balanced when it comes to any HVAC repair service.

Let me explain; with your initial phone call to our company to ask of our rates and to set up a service call, the person handling your phone call will explain that for residential we have a $79.00 service charge that covers our diagnostic fee (If a Ladder is require a small ladder fee may apply).
If you set the appointment then our technicians will perform the diagnostics, of approximately a half hour, the technician will explain your issue, whether it’s heating or air conditioning issues. The technician will then inform you of the price of repair, if you chose to have the work completed then we do so, if you opt out and say no thank you, that’s fine all you have to do is pay the $79.00 fee and at this point you will have a thorough diagnostics of your HVAC system.

When our technicians are performing their diagnostics, and realize that the cost of your HVAC repair is greater then the HVAC system life span, they will inform you of this. Now whether or not you believe our technicians diagnostic is a judgment call on your part. However, we have prideful technicians that shoot from the hip and will tell you actual what is wrong and possible the cause (if known)no sugar coating. If we were to sugar coat any HVAC repair whether big or small, then how will you be receiving a fair diagnostic/estimate?

This Buck town air conditioning repair company knows that it’s hard to trust any service company. Especially the horror stories we hear form customers, But we are in the business of providing you with accurate HVAC diagnostics and possible solutions with repair costs upfront.

Lets use a service provider that has you by the short hairs when it comes to service and/or repairs, the auto industry.

When people bring their car in for service and the service guys tell you that you need a $800.00 alternator or your oil needs changing or your tires need rotation and the manufacture suggests to have your trans fluid changed and lube the car and change the differential oil, majority of people say go ahead do it, because the time you will lose getting second or third opinion of your cars issue isn’t worth it.  Now let me ask you this, does your mechanic come to you? Most likely no, So you have to have your car towed or drive it there and wait or you have to get someone to bring you home and to work.  And god forbid the car after repair isn’t performing as it should, then what? More wasted time..Now isn`t that a pistol? Np keys until you pay your bill or you have no car. Our services come to you and at your schedule… after your approval we fix your HVAC issues then get pair, how do you like those apples?

We air conditioning and heating guys fight traffic and weather and keep an expensive stock of parts for your central air conditioning system, furnace or boiler. And our job is to provide you with warm winters and cool summers.

Around The Town Heating And Air conditioning is a small HVAC company in Chicago and we care about your comfort needs, small piece of advise, if you need heating and air conditioning service always ask the HVAC Contractor over the phone the approximate cost for service and diagnosis and if you explain to the person you are talking to about your problem they may be able to tell you the possible problem as well as the approximate cost. Be kind to your heating and air conditioning guys, Please. Thanks for listening. Call Big Ed at 312-243-9896 for service

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