Broken furnace, broke furnace

Oak Lawn residents are always in need of a good broken furnace repair man.  Around The Town Heating is always Oak Lawn’s residential first choice for broke furnace repair. Don’t despair Around The Town Heating is near.

If your furnace is between 5 years and 12 years old, it is a good possibility that you have a fault code indicator light on your furnace control board or circuit board. If your furnace is broke, a fault code may display in a series of flash codes.

If you were to reset your broken furnace by shutting off the furnace switch on the side of your furnace or on the wall nearby for a few minutes, the broke furnace may retry to fire up.  If the furnace starts but goes off immediately within seconds, you probably have a flame sensor issue. That repair can be performed by you by cleaning the flame sensor.

Some other broken furnace codes can be:

  • 4 flashes a defective or open high limit,
  • 3 flashes can mean a blocked chimney or a defective pressure switch (highly unlikely though).  A 3 flash code must be diagnosed by a qualified furnace technician due to the possible severity of the problems.
  • 2 flash codes may be an ignition failure, usually meaning a broke hot surface igniter,
  • 5 flash code can be a secondary limited control open (safety).

These are just some of the flash codes you may see; each furnace has a panel on the outside or inside the bottom furnace door with the flash code and the possibilities. Broken or broke furnaces should be repaired by a qualified technician however you can start the repair processes by informing the fault codes to the technician you may be talking with.  If a broken furnace is your problem, please don’t hesitate to call Around The Town at 708-560-5410.

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