Boilers can be energy efficient and a good source of comfort heating. The difference between boilers heating with radiators verses forced air heating systems is that boiler with cast iron radiators retain the heat in the radiators much longer due to the latent heat produced by the hot water or steam in the radiators. Because of the latent and retained heat of cast iron radiators, the run time rate of the boiler is shortened therefore less natural gas consumed or used. Forced air heat cycles hot air until the thermostat is satisfied. The run time of forced air furnaces can vary from 8 to 10 minutes at a cycle; many factors can change the rune time cycle however that’s basic in itself. With forced air, you have no spill over heat or latent heat. Forced air heat has more options including air conditioning systems, humidity control, UV lights that kill germs in the structure and many more features that can be added. Basically, forced air systems are more common and the cost to change out the furnace verses the boilers is less expensive.

Not all heating contractor perform boiler installations and repairs. Why is that you may ask? Boilers installations and repairs is dirty and physical work. Boilers can be challenging at times and fun other times. Boilers, to me, are a challenge all the time because you can always find a way to improve the boiler operations and efficiencies for our customers.