Boiler Repair

Common Knowledge
Boiler repair around the Chicago land area should be performed by qualified boiler repair specialist like Around the Town Heating.

Chicago Hot Water Boiler Repair
Any brand of boiler or any age of boiler, we will repair it right every time.

What We Offer

We offer to you skilled boiler repair mechanics that have been servicing and repairing boilers for many years. Our team of boiler repair specialist knows that boiler troubleshooting can be difficult but with our continued education of boilers troubleshooting classes our boiler mechanics can tackle any boiler repair with ease and precision you deserve.

Boiler Types
There are many types of boilers on the market today, and because boilers usually last longer than other heating sources, boilers may be found as old as 100 years.
Repairing boilers starts with identifying the type of boiler that is on the premises; whether it’s a water boiler or a steam boiler? The medium for the source of heating may be steam or hot water.

Identifying Your Boiler

Water Boilers have identifying marks such as; Circulation pumps, expansion tanks, FB 38 Bell and Gossett water feeders (Which is either red or gold), other identifying features may be bleeder ports on your radiators and zone valves on the water piping near the boiler. If you have multiple thermostats in your home or business it is safe to say you have a water circulated boiler.

Steam Boilers have identifying marks such as; a low water cut off (the control that you drain your steam boiler, weekly) a glass site glass that shows you were the water level is at, (provided that the site glass is clean and you can see the water level) other simple identifying marks of a steam boiler is steam vents on your radiators as well as steam vents on the condensate return water pipe near the steam boiler.

We look forward to repairing or servicing your steam or water boiler, Don’t hesitate to call!

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