Boiler problems/flooded basements

This past spring and summer we have seen much rain fall as well as power outages due to the high winds and lightning strikes. How has this affected you?

Our call logs have been greater due to the fact sump pumps failed due to lack of power and backup systems only last so long.  With flooded basements comes water damaged boilers and furnaces. Water and sewage plays havoc on hvac system in basements.

At Around the Town heating and cooling, we can’t control the weather and the flooding.  However, we do play a major role in controlling the amount of damage that occurs to your boiler or furnace by raising your hvac system as high as the basement ceilings or ductwork allows.

If you are interested in protecting your boiler or furnace from any other attacks of water call 312-243-9896 or 708-560-5410 and have us out to give you a free estimate on raising your furnace or boiler.

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