Boiler Plumbing Repair

Boiler plumbing is an art all to itself. Many HVAC contractors shy away from this particular work, especially in Chicago.

Albeit boilers have many controls that are similar as furnaces, they only differ in their function. Boiler plumbing is dirty and tedious work and it’s understandable why a HVAC contractor may shy away from that kind of work.

Boiler plumbing work for our company is great unless the boilers are maintained poorly.

boiler plumbing
poorly maintained boilers can lead to this!

Poorly maintained boilers can have many issues such as; low water cutoff control problems, water hammering, steam valve releasing water issues and many more problems like air in system, low or no circulation in piping system.

Other issues we see a lot of in boiler plumbing is clogged flue chambers, rusted burners and rusted pilot assemblies, as well as rusted site glasses and rusted closed drain valves and zone valves. poorly maintained boilers  can cause explosions as described in above photo. Usually the rusted burners and pilot assemblies occur in high humidity basements with boilers without a standing pilot.

Standing pilot boilers are nice in these high humidity basements because the standing pilot continually keeps the boiler section and burners dry from the heat provided by the standing pilot.
Unfortunately in Chicago standing pilot boilers are no longer allowed. This is really a stupid rule, considering standing pilots were around from the beginning of the gas heating systems.
I ‘m still a big fan of standing pilot boilers but who am I?

Here at Around the Town Heating offers a full line of boiler plumbing repairs as well as new boilers. Our boiler plumbers like their job and do it without hesitation . Our pricing is reasonable and no boiler plumbing job to big or too small.

Happy Holidays from Big Ed and crew.

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