Boiler installation/repair Oak Lawn

Is boiler heat becoming a less desirable source of heat?

We have seen a small decline in new home construction boiler installations for comfort heating. However, we have seen an increase in boilers in new construction for heating the sidewalks, driveways, and basement floors.

We get phone calls from customers who want to remove their boiler and have forced air units installed.
Of course, we asked them a few questions to why they would want to remove one of the best sources of heat available. However, there are a lot of legitimate reasons why someone would want to remove boiler heat.
This is what we heard from some people:

1. I like my boiler but it always seems to breakdown! (lack of maintenance maybe)
2. My heating gas bills are extremely high! (old boiler old efficiencies) (lack of maintenance) (fine tuning maybe)
3. Always have trouble with air bound pipes! (may have a leak in system) (radiators not bled) (loss of expansion) (lack of a air eliminator)
4. I like my boiler but we want to expand our house and while our home is under construction, cost wise, a new forced air system would be better! (I can understand the argument, and agree)
5. I have a boiler and want central air conditioning! (You can have central air conditioning with a boiler)
6. Is there high efficient boilers? (Yes, many to choose from)
7. The radiators take up room that I can use. (I understand the argument concerning furniture and cabinetry)

These above questions are legitimate and everyone has their own reasoning concerning their boiler. I myself, have forced air in my home, I’m well trained on boilers however forced air provides me with endless options for my indoor comfort levels, like humidification, dehumidification, electronic air cleaners, ultra violet lights to kill germs and keep my home disinfected so to speak.

Boiler repairs and installations is a big part of our services we provide to the general public. If your boiler is broke, no problem! Call Around The Town Heating and Cooling today for service.