boiler Chicago repair service installation

Boiler repair in Chicago can be a strenuous task especially when it comes to steam boilers and water boilers. They can be troublesome sometimes but all in all repairing and installing boilers is our forte.

The biggest problems we see with boilers are the lack of maintenance from the owners of the boilers. Boiler heat is, in my opinion, the best and the most comfortable heat available. If maintained properly and having all the necessary adjustments performed by us or any other qualified boiler company, boilers can be very efficient and comfortable.

We see many multi-unit buildings that have big boilers like 1.2 million BTUS, and they work very well and pretty efficient. However, we then see multi-unit buildings with a multitude of problems with the same size boiler. Easy fixes condo or apartment complexes can do for themselves are pitching the radiators slightly towards the shut off valves. Over the years, the weight of the radiators often dig into the floor usually on the opposite end of the shut off valve. This is one way to help alleviate problems of lack of heat or banging or pinging. If you use a small crow bar and use shims, you can tilt the radiators towards the shut off valve. However, make sure you perform this task slowly and be mindful of your fingers and make sure the valve is off.

Boiler cleaner is another way to help old steam or water boiler problems go away.  This task should be performed by a profesional heating and cooling company. Steam boiler cleaner is introduced into the boiler block, and the cleaner will travel with the steam and help clean the old pipes.

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